Amazon and Mercado Libre: the favorite marketplaces of Mexican SMEs

Amazon and Mercado Libre: the favorite marketplaces of Mexican SMEs

As internet use expands more in our country , it becomes a great ally for park view city islamabad SMEs since through this channel it is possible to increase their sales, achieve internationalization, and  their reach and brand recognition multiply, since it is one of the preferred routes for consumers.

Due to this preference, online sales have increased markedly in the country. According to the 2019 Online Sales Study in capital smart city islamabad carried out by AMVO, during 2018 online sales increased to 38% weekly, when in 2017 this percentage was only 7%, thus highlighting the importance for Mexican SMEs of have an online sales channel.

30% of Mexican SMEs do not have eCommerce

Normally when thinking of an online store we think of the need for Mexican SMEs to have their own website  where they can offer their products, but it is not always easy to take this step, either due to lack of resources, the need for technical knowledge and difficulties that imply the handling of the collections and the logistics among other factors.

In fact, the Barometer of the blue world city islamabad carried out by GS1 and the market research consultancy Psyma, ensures that 30% of Mexican SMEs do not have their own website , a critical element especially taking into account that the majority of consumers compare products online before deciding to make purchases, whether online or offline.

However, there is another option for Mexican SMEs that seek to stay online more easily and quickly: marketplaces .

Amazon and Mercado Libre: the solution to have an online sales channel

According to this study, Amazon and skymarketing are the two marketplaces preferred by Mexican SMEs , since 49% of them use Amazon to market their products, while 39% choose Mercado Libre.

In the list, Linio (16%), Shopify (6%), Segunda Mano (4%), eBay (3%) and others (34%) follow in preference .

But why is Amazon one of the preferred by Mexican SMEs? The reality is that Amazon is the retail giant, not only in our country but around the world, which makes its platform one of the most global in scope . In fact, the study indicates that the two main reasons for Mexican SMEs to choose Amazon are:

  • It is a strong platform in the USA, ideal for exporting
  • Facilitates the handling of merchandise; handles logistics

So the ease of use as a seller in Amazon, the services that the eCommerce giant offers to its sellers and the possibility of crossing borders to almost any part of the planet make Amazon the ideal platform for most Mexican SMEs.

But small and medium-sized companies not only seek to have an online presence through marketplaces, since 68% of them mentioned that social networks are one of the tools they use to grow their business.

Of this total, 68% of Mexican SMEs use Facebook , since they consider it the best to attract their potential customers and to market their products, while 27% of them use Instagram and 22% are inclined to Twitter.